Cooling lubricants aerator

Product number: A-0541010.1

Cooling lubricants aerator to 150 Ltr. container

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Weight: 2 kg
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The cooling lubricants aerator ensures a high quality coolant through the entry of atmospheric oxygen.

By the supply of oxygen and the rising air bubbles in a circulation of the cooling lubricant emulsion is produced and the impurities such as foreign oils and suspended particles can be moved apart on the surface, in order to counteract the risk of bacterial contamination.

A band skimmer or a maintenance facility R-2000/R-3000 can here be used to discharge the impurities.

Because of its easy installation and operation, and by means of a timer, the cooling lubricants emulsion aerator can quickly deploy and demand.

This way, you get a powerful coolant with a long life.

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