Band Skimmer

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Band width 50 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg
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Band Skimmer

Leaking oil fosters development of bacteria, allows sediment on machines and work pieces, leads to oil mist development and reduces cooling performance and oxygen absorption of the emulsion. The consequences are: increased disposal costs, corrosion, bacterial contamination, odour nuisance, poorer cooling effect, skin problems etc.

The ARIANA- Bandskimmer provides the solution to remove oil sediment on the surface of the emulsion. Due to using a self cleaning, oil transporting special band the leaking oil will be removed from the surface and skimmed in the device. Neither filters nor micro porous membranes are required. Thus operating expenses and follow-up costs will be reduced. The Bandskimmer features oil separating facilities and guarantees a separation of foreign parts by up to 90%.

The Bandskimmer is fixed above the liquid tank by means of a magnetic disk, preferably on the opposite side of the liquid inlet. The base plate of the drive unit must be attached about 300 mm above the highest liquid level. The hose is connected to the outlet neck and guided to the sediment basin.

The Bandskimmer can be operated both permanently and also controlled by means of a time switch. It is recommended to use the device during operation of machine tools. The band moves through the floating oil film and separates it from the liquid. In the device the oil will be skimmed and flows into a collection tank outside the machine.

Technical data:

  • Electrical connection with level switch 230V
  • Weight 4,5kg
  • Band width 50mm
  • Power approx. 3l/h
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