Separating agent HT

Product number: R-4000

Long-term welding protection welding in container construction, railway construction and shipbuilding

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The formulation of the welding release agent R-4000 is based on nature-identical raw materials. Hazelnut and sunflower extracts prevent the adhesion of welding beads. R-4000 separating agent HT is a long-time welding protection, which was designed for regular usage, welding in container, container, train and ship. R-4000 separating agent HT is a user-friendly, solvent-free anti-adhesive agent with excellent release properties. R-4000 separating agent HT forms a stable release film and is the ideal protection for electrode, spot and arc welding. A sticking of welding beads is effectively prevented


R-4000 separating agent HT is applied by spraying using suitable Spayer or spray gun on the surface to be protected.

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from 10,59 € (44,50 € plus tax)
from 10,59 € (44,50 € plus tax)