Cooling lubricant for nearly all materials, low-foaming product

Product number: R-0807674W

for nearly all materials, slow pouring, semi-synthetic

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R-7674-W is a bio-stable, chlorine free EP-cooling fluid, containing a high degree of mineral oil for chip removal of tenaciously hard steels, malleable cast iron an aluminium alloys. The chip removing as well as sawing of high materials strength is ensured by the particularly high activation an satisfies the German sandard TRGS-611. This poduces little foam and is best suited for NC- ans CNC-centers. Due to its high mineral oil content this product satisfies the requirements to the machine tool manufactures.

Area of Application
turning, milling, drilling | thread cutting | grinding
GGG and GG | steel | stainless steel | aluminium | plastic
Mineral oil content
Synthetic oil
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