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A-0803015  is  a  mineral  oil  and  silicon  free  defoamer  based  on  organ  modified  siloxane.  The product  can  be  used  for  defoaming  all  water  mixable  cooling  lubrication  liquids  and  should be used  exclusively  for  post-defoaming  purposes,  whereas,  it  maintains  its  foam  damping characteristics over a longer period of time.  
The defoamer A-0803015 distinguishes by excellent foam damping characteristics.
A plastic container is filled at 3/4 with the cooling liquid from the respective production machine . 0.05 % A-0803015 defoamer will be added to 100 l circulation emulsion/solution.
This standard value is intended to be the initial concentration and can be increased up to 0.07% without any reservation. Excessive additions will interfere with the air separation from the existing cooling liquid.
It  is  advisable  to  conduct  the  addition  of  the  pre-mixed  defoamer  A-0803015  nearby  the  feed pump. Should the desired effect not be reached the procedure must be repeated.


Colour  yellowish yellowish
Viscosity at 20 °Capprox. 235 mm2/s  DIN 51562
Density at 20 °Capprox. 1.01 g/cm3 DIN 51757
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